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Welcome to Ulcer

Welcome to Ulcer


Welcome to Ulcer Magazine.

Here we go again…

Well let’s hope the third time really is the charm because this shit is a lot of work folks.

Yes, this is our third magazine, built again from the ground up by good old-fashioned American elbow grease, cluelessness and masochism.

That’s right motherfuckers. We’re back…

Admittedly, our first website is a pretty tough act to follow. One need only consider the caliber of enemy we made along the way to understand just how important that site really was. But it’s long gone now, destroyed by the hatred and jealousy of the old, conservative media.

But what’s brilliant about the new media, and why the old is lashing out in its death throes, is that the new can reinvent and reboot itself practically overnight.

And here we are, again. Nice try.

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